Welcome to the Christopher Bingham blog, where you can read my opinions, with a focus on how the world works in America and how it ought to work in the future. I call my blog American Shell Game, because I think the US has devolved into a country of people who have lost their initiative to make the world a place where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals. American corporations are increasingly unable to to compete without monopoly and increasingly resort to draconian measures to insure their existence.

As an independent songwriter / composer / performer, I’ve struggled in the music business most of my life and have come to believe that copyright is hurting us more than helping – and I have hopes that the old gatekeeper industries that kept the vast majority of musicians from finding a meaningful market in the past, will be forced out of the way by the new technology.

You should of course, listen to the music we’ve worked so hard to get out into the world. You can hear it all at http://www.bonepoets.com and http://www.gaiaconsort.com

I hope I’m giving you some reason to buy.

I’ll also write about alternative family structure, some of our personal stuff – especially where it intersects with the political. Maybe I’ll stir some thinking, maybe I’ll change your mind on something, maybe it’ll just end up as mental masturbation. The future as they say, is wide open.


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